Philips Avent Bottle Feeding Set (inc. Microwave steriliser) in Trevose Crescent, North Singapore for sale

Philips Avent Bottle Feeding Set (inc. Microwave

This is the 2nd Philips Avent Bottle Feeding Essentials Set I've bought. I bought one in 2003 for our twin girls. Then sold it in 2008 when we came to Singapore. Then we had a 'little surprise' in 2012 and I bought the same set again for our son!!! The Microwave Steam Steriliser is BRILLIANT and a must-have for any new parent!
The set is COMPLETE with:
1 x microwave steam steriliser
1 x bottle and teat brush
1 x measuring jug
1 x tongs
2 x 125ml / 4oz classic feeding bottles
4 x 260mil / 9oz classic feeding bottles
8 x soft silicone teats (but you would want new ones for hygiene!)
1 x themabag
1 x milk powder dispenser
Available for collection from Bukit Timah area. Also selling soft play mat, musical mat and various $2 - $5 dollar toys for 0-2 year olds.