Baby Percussion Mat from Early Learning Centre in Trevose Crescent, North Singapore for sale

Baby Percussion Mat from Early Learning Centre

Our son LOVED this musical mat from 6 months old, first leaning on his tummy, then sitting up, then standing. In excellent condition. Here's a description from the Early Learning Centre website:
With three different modes of play, your little one can pat at the keys (or kick or even stomp as they begin to stand) to make the musical notes sound- they can hear a drum, piano and more as they experiment with the mat. The playmat comes with a removable cushion, making it perfect for tummy time play.
Quick facts:
-Keyboard mat with 10 keys and 3 modes of play
-Hit the notes to hear different instruments and music
-Includes removable tummy cushion
-Great for physical development, hand-to-eye coordination and listening skills